Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dual Flush.....

Funny how little things excite me.

I had to do a little home maintenance with some leaky toilets.

One of them was leaking to the point that we turned off the water supply when we weren't actually using it. That is pretty bad. Going to the bathroom was a multiple step process. First, turn on the water valve. Second, take care of business. Third, flush. Fourth, turn water back off. Wife was reasonably getting pissed at me.

So, off I went to Home Depot. I found these dual flush toilet valves. Push one button for pee-pee and another button for poo-poo. In essence, a half flush for liquid and a full flush for solids. In our house, I figure we will easily save 10,000 gallons of water a year. No joke. Maybe more.

I don't know what it means in money but I thought it was pretty cool.

All in all, installation was easy and they work great. I paid less $20 each for them. Check it out next time you are there.

The kids think they are ultra cool and as an added bonus for now they are actually flushing the toilet after they use it...........so the house smells better too. I know......genius kiddos, right?

Aren't you happy you read the blog today????

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m.v. said...

I had a dual-flush Australian-made toilet put in few years ago. It's the most expensive fixture in my house. Half the flush sucks and I don't think anyone is using it.