Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It is a Big Gay Day

If you follow the blog you'll know that I'm a libertarian leaning conservative that believes that homosexuals deserve the same right to have the government out of their life as us poor dressing straight boys and I have written as such before.

I think many more conservatives agree with this position than care to admit. Especially conservatives that are in their 40's and younger. To most of us we see it as a civil rights issue and one our party has been on the wrong side of for way too long.

I thought it was very courageous for some Republicans to vote their heart and allow DADT to come to a vote and pass. I thought it was a good day for the President and he offered a decent speech today prior to the signing. I took time to watch it because I thought it was another important moment in our civil rights history.


So, how do I respond today to my gay friends? Do I say congrats? I seems weird. None of them are in the military. Did people in 1964 go up to black people and say...."Hey, Congrats on the big win, you are now equal?"

In 1920 did dudes tell chicas, "Hey congrats on the 19th amendment passing. I know it only took us 70 years to decide you were smart enough to vote"? I kinda doubt it.

But I kinda feel like it should be recognized with people who have fought for it for the past 20 years. Not sure what to say.

I have gay friends. I guess I'll figure it out when I see them.

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