Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I hate MLM

I hate MLM......for those of you not in the know....Multi Level Marketing.....aka.....pyramid scheme..........aka screw your friends. Here is a good link to a power point on it on the 5 keys to identifying a bad MLM. Here is another one.

Is it just me or are all of you getting hit up by your friends who think 1) you are a sucker and 2) that they are gonna get rich quick? I think half the idiots in my neighborhood are into it.

They all claim it is about the product not the organization but it isn't.

They all claim people are getting really rich.........almost nobody is.

Many of them make veiled health claims while in the same breath say they aren't. Something like, "I'm not saying this will cure autism because we don't make any health claims but my brother, with autism, starting taking XYZ and you know what? He doesn't have any symptoms of autism anymore"

Oh, they always cite Nu Skin and Amway as success stories of know before the computer where people can educate themselves not only about MLM but the product as well. Back then I'm sure it was easy to get people on board.

These people are freaks. I mostly refuse to go to anything that remotely smells of MLM. Unfortunately, I had to this time. It was uncomfortable. It was twice in one freaking week. The first was an extremely ballsy waitress, although cute, tried to sell me some supplements while she was waiting on me.......if I owned the place and found out I'd fire her ass so fast. The second was a friend I just couldn't say no we went knowing we were in for it....and we were.

I have one "friend" who I mock constantly but has their own big network of people who jump from one MLM to another......this next one is gonna be the big one baby. I wonder how many thousands there are? I admit MLM is a legitimate business model. Just a really poor one. Unfortunately, those who buy in fail about 99.9% of the time. Would you recommend anyone you know buy a business that has a 99.9% failure rate? Seems silly doesn't it?

MLM'ers are morally bankrupt or stupid. One or the other.


Anonymous said...

Man, I hate that too. Gives me hives.

Vegas Bob said...

I agree that for most people MLM is a bad business model because of the reasons they get involved. The mentality of I can get rich and I don't have to sell anything is baffling.
MLM is direct sales. To make money you have to sell things. Way too many companies take an average product and charge a premium price. The only people who will ever buy it are people in the deal. Who in their right mind would ever pay $45 for a bottle of fruit juice? Internal consumption is not sustainable.
There are companies that make good products and charge a reasonable price but for the most part they are the exceptions not the rule. Of the thousand or so MLM companies around there are maybe 25-50 that aren't garbage. And even then most of the people in them couldn't sell a bottle of water to someone lost in a desert dying from dehydration.

JOCOeveryman said...

Well said Vegas Bob....sounds like you really know the deal. That was the other thing about the presentation....they glossed right over how expensive it was......and it was expensive.