Friday, January 28, 2011

Is it Wine Friday already?

It is wine Friday already.

It seemed like the week flew by so quickly. Didn't get much posted. Sorry.

But that doesn't mean you should go the weekend without knowing what jocoeveryman has been drinking and thus.....what you should be drinking :-)

I went to Extra Virgin this week to nosh a little bit on some tapas and such and have a couple glasses of wine. What a hip place.

First, Extra Virgin is doing a pretty nice job with these small plates. One of them that was really spectacular is the brussel sprouts. When brussel sprouts are done well they are so delicious. They had some other vegetables mixed in but they were so tasty. Everything was good. Check it out.

They have a reasonable list of wines by the glass. Because of the food I decided to roll with Rose.

So, because I had such a nice time and because Rose doesn't begin to get enough attention I'm picking Borsao Rose from Spain as my wine of the week.

It was super cold and the snow was frozen hard and crispy and well, nothing makes me think of a nice warm summer day like rose. The color was beyond like costco salmon and more like Sockeye Salmon. It had very nice expressive strawberry flavors and maybe even a little more toward cranberry with a bright, clean acidity. I picked up a tiny bit of spice and it makes sense as it is made from Grenache or Granacha. The spice was definitely in the background and was like baking spices. For a rose it had a nice long finish.

I thought it could have been a little more aggressively priced but hey......a filthy rich joco guy shouldn't really complain when he gets the chance to dump some alms to the city poor.

So, remember. Rose isn't sweet and people in the know won't think you are drinking white zinfandel and if they do they are probably the same idiots who think Rolex is the best watch made in the world too......... Delicious and great with food rose is definitely hip with the real wine intelligentsia. It doesn't age well sooooo.....drink it up young. Mostly 2009 at this point and the best part is you can really nice rose for $12 and under. Enjoy.

Vaya con dios.

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