Monday, January 24, 2011

Culture of Saving $$ seems to be spreading

Isn't it great to see all these signs that maybe, just maybe our government is starting to hear us? I know, I'm being super optimistic but hear me out.

Things like Johnson County deciding to get out of the housing business thanks to great reporting from Steve Rose (btw, proving that the paper can still be important) and saving us the taxpayer real money.

Other small things like Kansas NOT spending $20 million like Oklahoma did on a meaningless anniversary and the Governor NOT spending tons on an inauguration bash.

I read today how Jackson County....even democrats.......are upset they got a pay raise against their wishes and are figuring out how to give it back. Well done.

Talk in Washington is about pushing back discretionary spending to 2008 levels and some are pushing for 2006 levels. It can be done.

Jay Nixon however still believes that government should give every Missouri high school student a free 2 year college education. While isn't a right. Thank God I don't live in Missouri. People are squawking about how much he travels around on the state's dime....finally. There is too much of that from all politicians.

Also on the "still needs work side" of the ledger was the closing of a KCK post office. On one hand a good thing if because poor people no longer write letters or get 10 credit card offers a day we can close a government office but a little weird the report was quick to point out that nobody who works there was losing their jobs but being transferred to other locations. And we wonder why the post office loses money. How about we end postal service on Saturdays and maybe even Wednesdays? Shit, I haven't received much meaningful in the mail in years! How much could we save?

There was another article this weekend about the decline of union membership in the private sector and that the largest membership now exists with teachers and the government.

I'm telling you. There are signs they are starting to hear us. We aren't crazy. Not every good and worthy thing means it is something that should be government supported and funded. I'm convinced that the best displays of compassion are not corporate but individual. The sad thing about a big government is that people tend to stop looking at their family, friends and neighbors with responsibility toward each other and start expecting the compassion and aid to come collectively.

There is the great quote that goes something like "individuals with vision and purpose change the world while committees exist to share blame".

I had a professor in college teach that if a politician ever tells you they can find significant savings by eliminating waste they are lying or ignorant. I used to believe this. I think government has gotten big enough this is no longer true. How about this though....let's try. Let's freaking try it. It is an attitude and a culture. We need to cultivate this new attitude. Instead of saying every little savings is insignificant or symbolic let's see how many we can find?

What do you say?

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