Friday, January 21, 2011

Jayhawks are laughing....

I have to admit I was a little frustrated at the out start of the season to see K-State ranked above KU.

A couple of my friends in purple certainly pointed it out to me......I uncharacteristically kept quiet.

Now the are appropriately UNRANKED. Now, it looks like Frank is feeling the pressure.

I said and wrote from the beginning I hoped they would hire Frank Martin as their head coach because I thought he would fail. He is failing. Badly. His kids are tiring quickly of his lunatic emotional and tough coaching style. People will tolerate it when you win. When you don't...........?

I didn't see him telling people they were overrated when they were number 3. How does it feel to play with a bullseye on your back? Kansas does it every year.

I predict this guy will be gone within 2 years. I hope not. He is the key to keeping K-State where they belong.

Dude is crazy.


Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that there are more Jayhawks in sojoco than Wildcats?

Anonymous said...

Do you know Frank Martin personally? I imagine you don't. You also sound like the stereotypical KU fan, there's a difference between being a rival, and literally hoping someone will fail. Every K-State fan that I personally know actually likes Bill Self a lot, because he is a good basketball coach. It is unfortunate that he coaches for our in-state rival, but nevertheless he is a good basketball coach. Frank Martin's tactics are out of the norm, but he seemingly is getting what he wants from his players, and that is that they grow some balls. Also, to go stereotypical KState on you, Feb.14th, suck it. We'll see you later on, and the Morris twins would have shit their pants numerous times already playing under Frank Martin. For "tough" kids they sure do whine a lot.