Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year all. Hopefully you took some time off from reading worthless blogs as some of us worthless bloggers took some needed time off from pounding out worthless posts.

How was the New Year's Eve you ask?

I used to hate NYE. It was always such a let down. We would build up the night and it just never seemed to deliver. After 40 plus years I still don't know the words to that effing song. Somewhere along the way I guess either I got my expectations in order or just started enjoying it more. I just always end up asking myself, "where did the year go?" I not a resolution guy. Anyway on to NYE.

This year we were THAT house. At my age I didn't think we'd ever be that house again. It started off well enough. You know just a few friends for a dinner party. Put the kids in the basement.........perfect SOJOCO NYE.

We ended up with a full house which was fun. Dinner was fine although grilling was a bitch cause it was so cold out.

At midnight Champagne, er, uh Prosecco actually was flowing and then it happened. Somebody brought fireworks. I'm drunk so when they ask if I mind..........I smoothly say why not. I'm thinking a couple bottle rockets or maybe one big thing-a-ma-jingy that you light and run. What ensued was about an hour of 4th of July leftover mania. I knew there was a problem. Neighbors started turning on their outside lights. One kid hit my neighbors house with something that went boom. I thought the Leawood Po Po was coming for sure.

Yep, we just became that house. It was no longer a dinner party. It was a house party and it went until....well, last time I looked at the clock it was past 3. The only thing that was missing was wife swapping in the guest room or the bathroom.

At a dinner party people politely help to wash dishes and clean up. Not so much at a house party. The house was a disaster and reeked in the morning. My wife was conveniently too hungover to help with the clean up opting to stay in bed until the afternoon. OMG. I cleaned for hours. After the first hour it looked like I had hardly made a dent. Next time schedule the cleaning lady for the morning........would she even do that?

I realized I'm too old for that crap. I mean it was fun but it was a lot of work and other than cleaning up all the evidence of the fireworks display I staying in my house for the next 2 straight days.......when I did go to the front to grab a couple days worth of newspapers I realized proof that at least one of my guests had lots of fun and left puke proof on the street in front of the house. Lets hope for rain or snow soon.

I guess the real question is did I learn my lesson or do we do it again next year? Good question.

So, politeness was your NYE?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a killer party! Nice work on the fireworks and the over serving of your guests. I too had a house party but yours seems a bit wilder than mine....

Mo Rage said...

Yeah, I'd only want to go to a killer party like that if it were at someone else's house.

Got together with friends at friend's home, ate, drank, went out with them to dance, home by 1.

Terrific New Year.

Anonymous said...

Party on Garth! I would have been the ol' bitty neighbor who would have ratted you out to the cops. Better not wake this haggard broad with a big boom!
JY in WI

Well Hell Michelle said...

Shooting fireworks = okay on NYE in JOCO. Shooting guns = okay on NYE in Midtown. Hmmm, maybe I need to look at moving to the suburbs... or at least Brookside.