Thursday, January 6, 2011

Osman seeds a conflict of interest to line his pocket

I wrote during the election season of my concern about a developer on city council in regard to the candidacy of Andrew Osman.

I just want Mr. Osman to know I'm keeping my eye on him.

I want to point out from the minutes of the November 15th meeting Mr. Osman beginning to plant the seed for his first conflict of interest.

By means of background info I wrote of Mr. Osman's ownership in a piece of vacant property at 103rd and State Line and his campaign statements regarding avoiding conducting development business in Leawood. I stated at the time I was suspicious about his intentions there for a vacant lot. You can read that post here.

Mr. Osman has I believe made some of his intentions known by his simple statement in the minutes of the November 15 minutes in regard to a request to continue using a parking lot to store new cars at 104th and State line by a local car dealer. I want to remind you he owns property a vacant lot at 103rd and State Line and that his business is development. As noted in the minutes:

Councilmember Osman wanted the Governing Body to consider the opportunities in re-development. Over one-third of the business owners in this area have their properties for sale. He felt the current industrial zoning was outdated and requested that staff review this corridor to consider changing the zoning classification

I guess perhaps the motion should have read something like......."while you are at it please consider the opportunities in redevelopment of my property at 103rd and State because if you would rezone it the way I want it would be much more valuable"

This is exactly what I was talking about during the election. Mr. Osman should not be even requesting this from his seat on the council because he has a personal interest in the outcome.

Let's see how this unfolds.

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