Thursday, January 20, 2011

SOJOCO business kids

I read in the paper some kid in Olathe earns a patent for a chair with a blankie built in and then this morning another sign kids in sojoco do things a bit differently than the old paper route and lemonade stand.

By contrast this morning sojoco kids were DRIVING around the neighborhood with daddy's snow blower in the back of a pickup truck soliciting driveway clearing.

When I was a kid we got up early on a snow day, bundled up and took shovels to hand. First, we had to do our own drive (for no pay) and then it was off the knock on doors of neighbors looking to earn $10 per drive. There was an old couple down the road that told me some sad story about their fixed income but I knew they were too old to do it themselves so I wasted a couple hours doing theirs for free......well, I got some hot chocolate, old stories and the experience of old people stink because they insisted I take breaks and come and sit down with them in the living room. Old people stink is the combination of body odor and death with maybe a little Ben Gay mixed in. Never forget it.

Of course, now the sojoco kids want $40 to clear your drive in about 30 minutes using their pop's $800 snow blower. Nice. If you say no, you will probably get tee peed in the spring.

Our kids don't have side jobs. They start small business. They don't mow lawns. They start a lawn service. They file patents. They drive nicer cars than I do. Not because I can't afford it but it isn't freaking necessary. They will never know what a real day of work is in their life. Remind me not to hire kids from sojoco.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking as an "Iowa Gal", my Dad and I would raise pointer puppies every spring. I was about 11yr old-I'd be the one to clean the dog kennels, my dad would train them with a fishing pole and a pheasant wing(and drink beer).My younger sister would name them silly names. 10 wks later, then the newspaper ad would run, the phone would ring and my Dad and I would get the puppies out in the yard for the prospective buyers. He'd hand me an occasional $10, $20, and even a $50 depending on how many beers he had in him. My sis would cry that the dogs were going to a different home, but I really treasure that experience. I still love the sales game...BUT I hate cleaning up shit! JY in WI