Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giffords Walks on Water and Performs Miracles.

I'll start off at the outset by acknowledging that this post might make some angry.

Okay, I admit it I understand it in advance and I'm still willingly posting it.

A woman gets shot for doing her job and the liberal press is deifying her. Okay. I said it. Did you see that Diane Sawyer piece last night? I'm as sorry as anyone that a lunatic shot her. I wish it hadn't happened and I wish her a speedy recovery.

But seriously. Nobody in the liberal media had much to say about this perfect public servant before she was shot although some called her a rising star in the democratic party.

Why do we do this? Why do we take someone who did a bad thing and turn them into Hitler reincarnate and turn people like Gabrielle Giffords into the second coming of Jesus Christ?

They are creating a folk hero right in front of our eyes. It makes my stomach turn. She is just a person. A person who very sadly along with some other innocent people got shot by a lunatic. Why is she the hero? Seriously. Why is Diane Sawyer doing an hour turning her into a hero?

Let's review the liberal (Diane Sawyer) notion of a storybook romance. One married and the other in a relationship. They meet on a government paid junket to Asia. They become really "good friends". Next time they see each other one of them is divorced. Was she a quiet home wrecker? A couple years later they are married to each other. I'm just saying. I haven't researched it but it seems like the timing is a finely crafted story that everyone is sticking too. Oh....and the continuation of the storybook romance and marriage in liberal terms is that they live in different parts of the country but have a great marriage. Isn't that the model marriage?

She calls herself a Blue Dog Democrat but Nancy Pelosi loves her. I don't get it. Her husband says she was warm and nice even to people who said tough things about her.....never once getting mad or upset yet she ran an incredibly negative campaign in the last election.

She seems like a reasonable person with a very complex life and it just got more complex. I don't blame her for all this.......she can't control it.

I hope she has a full and wonderful recovery. I can't wait to see her walk on water.


Anonymous said...

Liberal Diane Sawyer worked in the Nixon White House...just sayin'

Mo Rage said...

"deifying her"?

How is that?

I didn't see the "Diane Sawyer piece" you mention but if people are happy an innocent, hard-working, young and intelligent woman is recovering well from being insanely shot in the head--in the brain, to be more specific--is being happy and maybe even exultant "deifying her"?

Dude, you are one cold, callous, sarcastic and cynical guy.

Truth be told, we'd be just as happy if the person shot were a young, hard-working, intelligent Right-wing, Conservative Republican, too. No one deserved getting shot and getting shot the way she did. This is no way to run a government--or a country.

Don't confuse "celebratory" with "deification."


TKC=Sad Clown said...


JOCOeveryman said...

Mo Rage: I'm very happy she is doing well and hope she makes a full recovery. Watch the Diane Sawyer piece and then we'll talk.

I never said being happy was wrong nor did I say she deserved it nor did I say the response would be different if it were a republican....though if I pondered that I think it would......

They deify her in the piece because they make her out to be perfect when nobody is. If it were a conservative they would certainly have pointed out flaws.

Anonymous said...

Liberal media enjoy glorifying victims of any kind, I think. I do wonder what the angle would have been if it was a conservative who had been shot?? Needless to say, what happened to the poor gal is lousy.And the nine year girl who is dead breaks my heart. Over analyzing the mentally ill guy who went on the rampage and try to tie him to a political party also bothers me. I pay no attention to tv/news anymore for this very reason...I just get too pissed off.
JY in WI

Anonymous said...

Sawyer aint no conservative.

Winston said...

I see what you are saying. Interesting angle. Thought provoking. I was sad to see MSNBC desperately try to make this a political issue to their advantage.