Friday, January 14, 2011

Freaky Friday Wine Post

Let's see. It was fine week in wine drinking.

I think I had wine pretty much every day this week. That is a fine week.

And there was some mighty fine drink.

Further, it was shared with some mighty fine friends.

Laughs had.

Hard mornings endured. Thank you Excederin.

All good.

I think I had the hottest wine ever from Chile.

2006 Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta.

For everyone who thinks wine from Chile was going to be limited to the $3.99 end at the grocery store I give you the awesome Clos Apalta.

While most of the big boy blends are based in Cabernet, Clos Apalta is based on Carmenere at about 40% and then backed up with Cabernet, Merlot and some Petit Verdot.

Carmenere is awesome. This is what Chile should be promoting. Dark color. Black fruits and mocha. A tad wild. Extracted yet elegant. Nicely integrated vanilla and spice from the oak aging. This is some big wine. Worthy of decanting to give this bitch a little air. It is big. firm. elegant. This is serious wine. Worthy of your best piece of meat whether you like docile grain fed and or the call of wild game. Dare I say, drinking Carmenere of this quality....really discovering Carmenere of this quality is like going out for simple cup of coffee in a shitty road side cafe in a mid Missouri town, meeting the hottest Peruvian woman in your life, spending the day and the night with her.........this most incredible day of your life. You wake up with a spent and tired look on your face but holding a winning lottery ticket worth 100 million. Okay, perhaps over stated and a little weird but I'm serious. This wine was stone cold bad ass.

It is a little pricey but in my opinion the best of what Chile has to offer. At $70 bucks it costs more than a typical Chilean worker makes in a month......but if you can drink it and not feel like you need to make a donation to "Save the Chilean children".....then by all means go ahead.
That's it. Come back to see what I drank next Friday.

Enjoy. Vaya Con Dios.


Anonymous said...

Hi, very intensive review, as a chilean, pretty glad to see how our wine is appreciated outside. Only one thing: by country law, chilean workers cannot work for a paid less than 372 US dollars monthly and that is strongly supervised by Work Department (Dirección del Trabajo). Also, specifically in agriculture, there is a workforce shortage and that leads to rise those 372 bucks a bit more to near 600 average, but not to 70 as you say. Maybe you refer to a daily pay. That has more sense.

JOCOeveryman said...

Chilean Social Welfare lesson: thanks! I guess I could comment on understanding American humor but it would take too long. All I know is I saw some pretty poor people living in horrid conditions when I was there. Shacks.

Thanks for reading.