Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cutie Crazy

What is deal with Cuties aka Clementines?

This is the "it" fruit snack of SOJOCO.

When I was little it was simply the huge and hard to peel Navel orange. We even had a special little tool to peel it.

Is the Cutie the same as a the "mandarin orange" we used to eat from the can and that Grandma used to put in jello?

All I know is somebody did a freaking great marketing job because my kids don't even call them oranges anymore. They just say, "Can I have a cutie?"


Anonymous said...

At least your kids are eating fruit!

m.v. said...

I think clementines are a sort of mandarin orange -no seeds, easy peel,etc. But the name may be copyrighted,hence all the substitutes.Kinda like champagne,cognac and ugli fruit. Or I could be wrong.