Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Daze

There seems to be two kinds of SOJOCO parents when it comes to snow days. A quick run through Facebook confirms this notion with all the posts about what everyone does.

The first LOVE the snow day as much as the kids.....perhaps more. I can't decide if they are super parents and have special snow day plans that they have dreamed up in their heads just waiting to be unveiled or if they are the "best friend" types with their kids and just wanna "be" with them. Either way to me it is a little annoying.

The second hate the snow day. Clearly we fall into the number two camp. You have to scramble for something for everyone to do safely. You likely have a big meeting or project due. Most of us second types try to do our best to make the snow day fun and productive for the kids. My wife should be nominated for mom of the year for yesterday. She took the day off and played in the snow all afternoon with the kids. They had a great day. Of course she was up most of the night doing the work she didn't get done but it was a heroic effort.

We weren't expecting really a second snow day but since we did it was my turn to take the day off.....except I can't really so the basically end up turning their little brains to mush in front of the TV all day watching Disney so I can crank out some work on the laptop. Mom is good parent. I'm the crappy one.

Today was suppose to be an early release day.......any bets on if the teachers get a make up on the early release day?

Rumor is already rampant that tomorrow will be another day off because of the cold. I call bullshit.

Should I continue with the "back in my day" rant? I'll spare you.

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Anonymous said...

Back in the day I am sure you had plenty a snow day so don't get all mighty ;) I am not a parent so no "class" to fit into but I have noticed the same on Facebook. The love or hate of snow days.