Monday, January 10, 2011

Things I heard too much......some not enough in 2010

One of my FB friends Laurie Arbore posted something along these lines and I thought........yea. I need to expand upon that. Some I hate. Some I used. Some I currently use. Some I never used and laugh at people who do.

My overused 2010 phrases and words.

Here goes.

  1. Epic

  2. Epic Fail.

  3. Fail.

  4. Baby bump

  5. I'm just sayin.....

  6. I know, right?

  7. Facebook me

  8. Friend me

  9. Hot in you are a

  10. I like me some_________.

  11. Awkward (you kind of have to sing it when you say it)

  12. Words. as. sentences. (bloggers like me mostly)

  13. I-Everything and about I-Hate.

  14. That's what she said

  15. OMG....especially said out loud.

  16. Inappropriate. (maybe just me cause I am so much?)

  17. Creepy.

  18. Literally....especially when used incorrectly by sportscasters

  19. App

  20. Leverage

  21. Refudiate.....thank you Sarah Palin. You. Hot. Mess.

  22. Mama Grizzly

  23. Going Rogue

  24. F-Anything or sometimes effing. Whichever.

  25. Sexting

  26. Viral
  27. Don't be THAT guy

  28. Rhino (Republican in Name Only)

  29. Alisha Kirby

  30. Stephene Moore

  31. Todd Tiahrt

  32. Tom Scherer

Any additions?

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