Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Other Guys.......sucks.

The frigid cold and well, this lag between the NFL and March Madness have brought me back to movies.

I really have been woeful at watching them even though I love them. It might be kids. If I want to watch something I actually want to watch I have to wait until the kids go to sleep so I usually haven't bothered.

The wife and kids have always embraced Redbox. Me? Had never tried it until a few weeks ago. Pretty cool overall.

So anyway, I have been watching a few and I gotta tell you about prolly the worst movie I've seen......maybe ever with the exception of The Madness of King George which rates as the all time worst movie I've ever seen....The Other Guys.

I am a Will Ferrell freak. I love his movies. I think he is one of the greatest sketch actors we have. To say I didn't like something he made I thought was impossible.

The Other Guys. Horrible. The premise looked like a typical Will movie like Blades of Glory, Old School, Wedding Crashers, Talledega Nights......Anchorman. Hell, I even liked Kicking and Screaming. But no.....it was right up there with The Madness of King George. Not even a part by Eva Mendes could keep my attention though even that bit with a good premise (dorky guy with the hot wife) was poorly written and executed.

See the thing is when you read a review of a Will movie you expect the review to be bad and then love it.....and feel a little guilty for loving it so I don't even pay attention.

This movie sucked BIG time. I'm just saying.

I've always liked this little sketch though......

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Anonymous said...

My winter highlight has been watching 24-7 of the local sports guys covering the Packers and the Lombardi trophy coming back to Titletown. YEEHA! it's frickin AWESOME! okay, I'm good.
JY in WI