Thursday, February 3, 2011

We need legislation!

Freaking Egypt is coming apart at the seams. Blah, blah. I'm kinda tired of hearing about it. I mean can't they get that thing resolved in a like an hour?

Government is huge and while I can't sleep last night I'm watching idiot Senators discuss adding a VAT tax and holding up Canada as a model of success. Start by finding ways to spend less before you talk about taking more. Mostly Senators ask questions of experts and then interrupt them and argue with them if they don't get the answer they like. Why bother.

But I've been super pissed off for awhile now about something really important to all people with like 9 DVD players in their house and car so their kids and constantly be entertained.

A good majority of the children's DVDs and rentals are set up so you can't bypass all the effing previews. I'm not kidding we have some that have like 15 plus minutes of previews other stuff they want to sell you. We put in a movie in the car and when we get across town they movie hasn't even started yet. Now, on like the 20th snow day of the year and I'm trying to digitally babysit my kids so I can get some work done and I've got these DVD issues. If we paid for a movie we should be able to skip that crap if we want. I'm serious. It is complete bullshit. Protect my liberty to skip all that crap. Maybe pass a law that says they can't do that? Simple. A one sentence law.

Now that would be progress.

I did see this as something to try. I'll give it a try next time. Still, you shouldn't have to call the Geek Squad and find a secret code to get right to the movie.
Yo, Tom.....maybe this is a good outlet for your activitism.......
By the way in case Congress forgot this is how a bill becomes a law...........

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea! You can call it the bitching to bitch bill.