Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kinko's is dead. to. me.

Break ups are hard. Especially long term relationships.

I remember when I first discovered Kinko's back in college. Except for a diner there weren't a ton of 24 hour anythings. Yes, even McDonald's drive thru closed.

In college I learned of this place that was open all night. You could copy stuff. They had computers that you could stick your Mac disk into and do all kinds of cool stuff. You could put together cool projects. All. Night.

I think many people like me left college and Kinko's was a sorta secret weapon. When we entered the workforce our older bosses didn't really know of such a place. I've used Kinko's for years as my go to place to get stuff ready for a meeting.........usually at the last minute or the middle of the night. We had a relationship that stuck....even when the staff started to change from AV club type guy to people with tons of piercing and tats. It endured. I was loyal. I knew I could count on them. Machines that worked. No hassles. If you needed help you could get it.

Of course there have been changes. They were bought out by Fed Ex but really the basics didn't change. Fast copies anywhere you traveled.

Change is hard. I'm done with Kinko's and it seems like an end of an era. It isn't to say I'm pissed at Kinko's really but I don't feel like I can trust them like I used to back in the day.

It was very common for me these days to walk in with a thumb drive with my docs in .pdf format and they would stick them in their machine and print them. That was slick.

They recently introduced all new machines that have the USB port right on the copier. I was impressed. I thought this would be great. I wouldn't have to go to the desk anymore. Really a great idea. In. theory.

First, it "processed" my powerpoint for literally 15 minutes before deciding it was too big and kicked it back. It was only like 15 slides. So, I still had to take it up front and yes, was freaking out about being late and then she wanted to change me more because she printed it on "better paper" and I said knowing my colleagues it would be in the recycle bin in less than an hour.

Second, I thought I'd learned the new system and took in my trusty little thumb drive to print some generic black and whiteys........stapled into packets. The new machines are noticeably slower. I asked the desk guy and he confirmed.......oh, yes, the new machines are a little slower and mumbled something about something being wireless. What a pain in the ass. They are painfully slow. Don't ask me the stats. I'm not the Ricoh document solution guy.

Upon a recommendation I recently visited a CopyMax which is you know attached to the OfficeMax. Simply, they were great. Stick my thumb drive in........nice service. Not too crowded. Easy. Now that is more like it. Excellent.

Now, they aren't open 24 hours and they admittedly don't offer as many services but for lots of simple copy operations......they are my new home. man.

I'm sure I'll have to make a late night stop to a Kinko's on occasion but make no mistake I have a new home for "making copies." Kinko's out.

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