Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homage to Tony

I think they left an important paragraph out of the story.

Importantly, Tony supports and promotes other bloggers. We may not always seems like everybody who writes about Tony has to begin with that caveat.......but Tony has done tons to help people find my blog.

When Tony mentions the blog my hits go up dramatically. Tony is to a local blogger as Johnny Carson was to aspiring comedians. If you went on his show you had arrived. If he liked your set he and invited you over to sit for a moment your career was golden.

I think this is a really good blogging town and most of that credit goes to Tony.

I completely agree that blogging about something can change the mainstream media's coverage of it. Tony brought down the Funk. No question. He should consider it his crowning gift to Kansas City. I've not brought down a Mayor but I know that the media reads my blog and stories and media attention have increased on issues as a result of things I've written. I'm not sure I like that but it is what it is.

BTW, it reminds me, I owe everyone a post on what this blog is......and isn' I have many new readers since the last time I did that. I promise. I just have to be in the right mood.

Anyway..........sorry about the crappy digression......

Congrats Tony on a good article and thanks for pimping local blogging. I'm waiting for 435 South to contact me for a story........still waiting..........for picture in the shadows with my fake glasses and moustache :-)

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John Landsberg said...

It is true that being mentioned or linked on will increase traffic dramatically.
Tony's personality may sometimes come across a bit strange on his blog, but he has helped a lot of people and is truly a good guy. I'm proud to call him a friend.