Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo!! Top Mexican Eats in SOJOCO. Maya's is the best of the best!

I'm going to post later about something that happened to me this weekend but can't resist the easy topic of Cinco de Mayo.

First, I think it is sad that it is the one day a year we give a crap about much of anything Mexican. Hallmark, our local hometown greeting card company, has manufactured many a lame holiday to get us to buy a card for someone. However, Hallmark doesn't get credit for this one in my opinion. Nope, this is a little slick marketing from beer companies, tequila producers, and mexican restaurants that gets us all tossing back Coronas, buying margarita mix and downing salsa and chips in huge fashion on the 5th of May each year. Interestingly, in the US most of us get it wrong. It isn't Mexican Independence day. You might be interested to know that WE SHOULD celebrate this holiday because it played a role in our own country's history and victory during the civil war. Read about the history of Cinco de Mayo here at: You might learn something!

And if you must...... Sorry I couldn't resist. It is where I stole the picture at the top.

So, because I've been caught up in it as well......I love drinking holidays.......I thought I'd list a few of my favorite mexican sojoco places where you probably don't want to try to get in today because they will be too busy.

1. Maya's Mexican Bistro: Over on State line just north of 135th street. Simply the best mexican food in sojoco especially if you want to get some better food prepared with mexican preparation and not just a big ass burrito or an enchilada or something like that. The margaritas there are really good and they give you plenty of options. Outside seating. If you haven't been.......get there.

2. El Ranchito: Over in Olathe on the south side where lots of Mexicans live. Very authentic in an old Pizza Hut. So authentic that if you use your credit card there you will probably start to see unauthorized charges for plane tickets from Mexico City charged to your account along with some unauthorized international phone calls.....but so good in fact that I know people continue to go there even though they are stealing other people's credit card numbers. They say they just use cash instead....... a little crazy but an endorsement none the less.

3. La Cocina del Puerco: Like 90th and Metcalf so should I say Northern SOJOCO? I'll say one word....carnitas. Good stuff.

4. The Salty Iguana......still north sojoco in Prairie Village but the Lawrence in me comes out for this one. Fresh, good. Bill Self likes it. Need I say more?

5. Wil Jenny's.....135th and Metcalf. Okay technically not Mexican but a they have some really good Tex-Mex good there as well as the Texas BBQ. They possibly could rank higher but since it isn't purely list, my rules. Fish tacos are really good. Great margaritas!

And a few really good standbys..... so maybe honorable mention?

6. Jose Pepper's at 143rd and Metcalf. Solid and close

7. Jalapeno's at Stanley Station 151st and 69 Hwy. I think they they have been around forever and still doing it well. Always packed so that is problem.

Send me your list. Maybe I missed one and I'm sure there is someplace I haven't been yet and I'd love to know about it.


jocosob said...

you mean mi ranchito?

Anonymous said...

I think the la cochina whatever at 90th and Metcalf is out of business.

Dos Reales is EXCELLENT! We go to the one at 75th and Antioch.

JOCOeveryman said...

Okay, the SOB is right. It is mi ranchito. Good food and credit card number stealing in an old Pizza Hut. Thanks for correcting me and for checking in.

What? the Kitchen of the Pig (Cocina del Puerco) is gone? I guess I didn't go bad. I go to Maya's too much I guess. See, I don't go to NOJOCO enough......thanks for pointing it out. Dos Reales....I'll check it out.

Chimpo said...

I'm a month late to the party, but I'm pretty sure Wil Jenny's is closed as well.

JOCOeveryman said...

Chimpo, I certainly don't mind you commenting on Cinco de Mayo on June 9th....late is better than never but I do have to take exception when you are in fact, WRONG. Wil Jenny's is very much alive and well unless they closed this week. I'm a big fan and go there often. Beyond the tex-mex I really like the Brisket sandwiches. Go by and check it out. You'll like it.