Thursday, October 29, 2009

Regarding the subject of bad boy athletes.....Bill Maas is back.

Oh gee I guess while it is still Domestic Violence month for a couple more days I had someone else on my mind this week and then I promise to try to get to more lighthearted subjects.

I rarely listen to 610 Sports. Bascially because they suck. Rarely do you see such a distant second as 610 is to 810 in the world of sports talk radio. This pains me to say because I'm not a big homer for 810. In fact, Kevin Keitzmann is lame but 610 makes it so easy for him to win day in and day out. But I digress.

Sometimes I check out 610 just to see what's up or I need a good laugh because they are so bad. It sometimes starts when 810 is doing something on racing or grilling. On racing I'm not interested and on grilling I can't stand listening to Kevin kiss that guy's ass so much telling him how great he is for segment after segment. Shoot, I digress again.

So while driving around over by Shawnee Mission Park, I jumped over to 610 to find old Billy Maas as now a regular guest on the Chris and Cowboy show. I about swerved off the road and hit a effing deer that was wounded by a sharp shooter!

It is clear 610 has reached the point of desperation. I wrote about Bill Maas more than year ago when the KC Star wrote their article about how Bill Maas wants his old life back after the years of drug abuse, whoring and yes, something he never has come clean on or says he has gotten help for.....domestic violence. For you hillbillies in Wyandotte County I don't want to be condescending (that means talking down to you) but you can get a definition of domestic violence here.

Bill Maas has been a bad man and a charming one at that. They are the most dangerous kind. I've heard guys say he is so cool, just a regular guy. Usually they say something like, "he always shows up with the hottest girls". "He is such a good guy".

I believe in second, hell even third chances. I believe in forgiveness and redemption. That usually comes with real regret, acknowledgment of shortcomings, and honesty in owning your past while working hard to assure us of change not just trying to pretend it didn't happen.

I never saw this from Bill Maas. All I saw was.....I want my life back bordering on making himself the victim. Yes, Bill, we acknowledge that football is bad for your brain but countless other former world class football players seem to get along fine in life without resorting to your kind of behavior.

It comes on very good knowledge that Bill Maas has a history of beating wives and girlfriends. Just ask Frankie from the old KY102. He has an arrest record for drugs and trying to carry a gun on an airplane. There is a reason the national networks won't have him back when they have taken back so many others who have had missteps with the law. This is a bad dude. 610 shouldn't be giving him a place to resurrect his career. This is a typical athlete with an attitude that the rules don't apply to him. For Bill to comment on Larry Johnson at all is purely wrong.....unless you approach it from "don't make the same mistakes I've made". I didn't hear that. You think we've forgotten.

610 and Billy Bob Maas: I don't have a short memory. I remember. Shame on you 610. I guess I'll have to get used to the effing grilling segment and Racing Boys. I'll not listen to 610 again until this a-hole is off their station.

Trust me, there is a plan brewing. They plan to try him out on this Monday and Friday guest spot and ease him back into the fold. If people don't say anything they will expand it until he has his own show again. We shouldn't allow this. We need to say this isn't okay.

Again, I said this then and I'll say it now. Do some good for others, show real contrition not for what you lost but the harm you've caused others. Help others avoid the same path. We love that story of redemption.

These aren't Bill's victims but this is the face of domestic violence. Pretty cool, eh Bill?

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