Monday, October 12, 2009

Why we buy women drinks.......British Study tells us

Of course we just thought drinking made women not think too clearly but if you read my blogging friend Kansas Sity Sinic's post today about her "online dating" debacle you might make a correlation in her date's strategery to this new study that was published.

Maybe for us guys it helps us lower our standards? Or for a, guy like me who sober gives you the best 8 seconds of your life drinking a little turns me into Mister All Night....drink a bit too much and I've got whiskey dick........ anyway...... we guys know why we drink but now we know why you chicks drink too.

Read about the study here. Drinking gives Women Confidence. The Brits always study cool crap.

Jayne in WI.....there you have it. Your husband will have to get the wine himself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I can recall many nights with cute fellas who had terrible awful cases of whisky dick...they're like an all day sucker. Most of the time I slept through it. Is there a special name for a drunken vagina? I love nicknames but slut, skank, hosebag don't really count.
Jayne(now sober&no fun)