Monday, October 12, 2009

New Leawood Lifestyle Magazine

Leawood has a new magazine. October is the second issue. It has been a quiet roll out but mine arrived in the mailbox. Pretty interesting that the new model for magazines is FREE considering magazines are folding everyday.............even an institution like Gourmet recently closed up shop.

If you haven't seen it it follows the same idea as 435 South yet much smaller......for a smaller area.

I checked out the website and saw they still had the premier issue on the sight so they might be working with a kitchen table staff but Leawood people are reading it.

So it makes me think if this is the future? Deadwood Daily newspapers can't make it and are making layoffs and some simply closing their doors yet magazines like 435 South and Leawood Lifestyle seem to have no problem getting enough advertisers to make money. The key is FREE and pretty good quality. Magazine subscription and newspaper sales are extremely soft but people read these. Soft news. Feel good news. Society news. Do I know anybody in these pictures from last month's charity event? Okay, so maybe it really isn't news.

I'll admit, we read these magazines at our home. You know I'm a wine lover and this issue has a nice article about a Wine Flights Bar..... However, I'm not sure where you would get an issue if you don't have a Leawood mailbox. Congrats to them on their new business venture. Starting with a feature on the first family of Leawood, the Dunn family, proves they know their local politics if nothing else.

Made me think though..........does every JOCO town need it's own magazine or is it just people who live in their own little Lifestyles of Rich and Famous that get one?

Some ideas for other upstart to hear your (better) ideas.

1. Gardner's Trailer Park & Meth-Times

2. Mission Hills Really Rich, Old, White Lifestyles

3. Olathe's High School Football Monthly

4. Overland Park Annexation Monthly

5. The Stilwell Don't Tread on Me
Can't we just send all the KCK gang bangers to Shawnee Mission Park to handle this deer problem?


Anonymous said...

I would love to host a live talkshow from my livingroom--I'd call it "Hxxxxxt Live" and it could have my 20 yr old console tv and the stained carpet as a backdrop and my guest would be the village clerk, he is morbidly obese and we could talk about our water treatment many big ideas, so little time. On a side note, I worked for a publishing company 20 years ago that printed a premier edition of a FREE college magazine called "Campus Scene". We never made it to the 2nd issue-poor ad sales did us in. The whole staff got canned-I drank ALOT and slept around during my stint of unemployment! Those were the days. I still want a tv show-see I really am a Rosanne Barr.

JOCOeveryman said...

J----, You are so funny and I'm glad you add your wit to my blog. I read an article that drinking helps women sleep around....

Anonymous said...

Ah JocoEveryMan,thanks for the positive praise. Most of the time I get negative feedback. You are good for my ego. Keep on bloggin!
Jayne in WI

Anonymous said...

PS. Please forward that article and a case of wine to my husband.
He'd never know how to thank you.