Friday, October 17, 2008

Rick Guinn versus Steve Howe

If you read the blog you know I have a deep disdain for Phill Kline (link here and here) and the damage he has inflicted on the republican party in Johnson County. I've gone against many dear conservative friends in not supporting him.

What we have left still feels like it is all about Phill Kline. Rick Guinn proposes to continue to politicize the office by firing anyone that Phill Kline hired. It is this tit for tat attitude that will continue to keep the DA office politically contentious for years to come if we don't stop it now. This is yet another example of why we don't need to be electing our judges. Do we really want more of this in our judicial system? Rick Guinn is even running a TV commerical stating that he will fire them.

In a very interesting read, check out this blog post about an ethical lapse on Rick Guinn's part. In summary, it says that disgraced DA Paul Morrison informed Rick Guinn of his affair and predatory behavior and yet did nothing about it. The post cites lots of legal statutes for lawyers about how they are suppose to act and it appears that when given the opportunity to do the right thing he chose to stay quiet. Is this how Rick Guinn will act in the future when dealing with friends who may be in conflict with our laws? He is starting not to sound as trustworthy.

While I won't deny they both have a good track record as prosecutors I think Steve Howe, while lacking the years of experience that Guinn has (26 years versus 16 years) is the better choice. I think we need to purge ourselves of the the Phill Kline era as quickly as possible and simply putting in one of Morrison's guys to continue to battle between them is a little like continuing the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Someday they won't even remember what they disliked about each other. For God's sake, Kline, Guinn, Howe and Morrison were all republicans at one point.

Stay Red Kansas writes a good post about Guinn's decision to change from being a Republican to being a Democrat in a manner full of hypocrisy and wreaking of being opportunistic. The article reminds us that Guinn courted Republican support to fill Morrison's term that was ultimately taken by Kline.

The easiest way to finally close the book on the Phill Kline era is to vote for Steve Howe.

Steve Howe has committed to take an even handed look at the Planned Parenthood case. I think it deserves an honest look. I personally think that they broke the law but if they didn't then let's leave them alone. I believe Steve Howe can do that in a fair way. I think Rick Guinn will quickly brush it under the rug.

Steve Howe will bring professionalism back to the office. He has said that he will not systematically fire all of Kline's staff but will offer them additional training if he feels they can do the work. I think this is an even handed approach and demonstrates he wants to get the politics out of the office. Rick Guinn's indication that he will fire them makes him no better than Phill Kline's actions when he took office.

In this year when supporting the candidate with the most experience doesn't seem to matter to many Americans based on the most recent polling data for president then it shouldn't matter in this race either. However Steve Howe DOES HAVE 16 years of experience and will perform ethically, sure handedly, and with honor. Further, I think he can repair the integrity of the office and keep it that way by serving for many years to come.

I hope you'll join me and vote for Steve Howe for Johnson County District Attorney.


Anonymous said...

How in the world will Steve Howe move on from Phill Kline's term as DA by keeping Kline's staff? It seems like Guinn is the only one prepared to do the real work - get rid of the people who can't cut it. Kline probably hired quite a few who can't do the job.

The real question in this race - why is Howe covering for Kline?

JOCOeveryman said...

Why is he covering for Phill Kline you ask? I would ask why do you think he is covering for Phill Kline and why do you assume that because Kline hired someone that they aren't qualified? That is pretty cynical don't you think? Guinn continues the tit for tat approach that even Obama has said needs to stop in politics. We need to continue to depoliticize this particular office and focus on enforcing our laws. Guinn wants to keep it political and I sense that Howe just wants to prosecute bad guys. I'm voting Howe.

Anonymous said...

Kline filled the DA's office with unqualified people that were given jobs based on ideology. They are costing citizens every day with inadequate plea bargains and incompetent legal work. Guinn just wants to get the ideological appointess out, and experienced prosecutors in. That simple.

Morrison misled everyone about the Linda Carter affair, including Rick Guinn. It's ironic that many partisans would want Guinn to apologize for Morrison's behavior, which damaged Guinn a great deal.

As for ideology, if Guinn had an (R) after his name, you'd vote for him. It's that simple. The Republicans in this county betrayed the citizenry by appointing Phill Kline to be the DA. Guinn changed parties to get away from that. Again, it's that simple.

JOCOeveryman said...

I'm not sure how unqualified. I assume they are competent attorneys who are relatively under paid as government employees. I don't see much scandal about their work.

I think it is just tit for tat. You seem pretty knowledgable on the issue so I'll give you credit for knowing what's up, perhaps more than me but from where I sit Guinn is the more political because he switched parties, promised to fire people, covered for Morrison, etc.

I don't want him to apologize for Morrison, I want him to apologize for COVERING for him when as a member of the bar he was obligated to report it.

As for Kline, I'm on record for him wanting to go away and he is an embarrassment to conservatives.

These assistant prosecutors you mention are people with mortgages, kids, lives. I don't think it is fair to play politics with their jobs. If they can't do the work, replace them but a blanket statement saying they are gone is just politics and I think we need to get the politics out of the prosecutor's office. Phill Kline proved that, didn't he? Or do you just want YOUR politican in there? Seems like hypocrisy to me.

I'm the one saying let's end the feud and move on. Guinn is becoming a politican and Howe just wants to put away bad people.

Anonymous said...

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